the box of orange candy cures all kinds of loneliness.

by Alem Sánchez

She gave me a pack of candies after I had cried. She said it was comfort in a box to melt one capsule-like sweet treat on my tongue. She sat beside me, on the ruffled bed, as I sobbed and wiped my eyes. She watched the television screen flickered images without any sound until I stopped the hitch in my breath.

She rested her hand on my left knee. Creases dawned on her supple-looking cream skin. She tapped my knee with her forefinger. I popped one pill in my mouth. The orange taste swiveled in my taste buds until the roof of my mouth felt rough and beaten.

I looked at and thanked her for the box of candies. She said it was not a problem. I scooted close to her until I felt warmth. I could feel the coldness outside the room even with the windows closed. I gritted my teeth to keep them from chattering.

She slid her hand up to my thigh and laid it there. I snaked mine onto hers and placed it where I needed it. Her breath, its sound and beauty, echoed in the room. She tugged my pajamas down and her eyes glistened. She touched it tentatively before she closed her palm around it. Then, I closed my eyes.

I peeked through my eyelids and saw her head bowed. I arched to meet her halfway. I clutched the blanket, the one my mother had just changed before she left me in the apartment, alone with her. She never had time for me, but it was not a problem anymore. Not now.

Then, I stopped breathing as I clenched my jaw. She raised her head and wiped her lips. She kissed my forehead and told me to sleep early so I would forget that my mother had gone. She said that if I ever got sad, I should eat the candies.

She walked out of the room and closed the door. Then, I popped another piece into my mouth, waiting for the orange flavor to fade.


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the pitcher and the almighty.

from Pexels

It has been an exhausting day. There’s a living conflict inside my vein as I write this short note. Two sides unable to reflect each other’s fate dawn in my mind: the dullness and dry season of the persons inside the room, and the inevitable argument about two opinions. I will start on the first one.

I poured out my energy into a pitcher, then to clear glasses for the persons inside the room to drink. But they didn’t finish the drink. It was my fault, I blamed myself, but who will tell me now that it’s not? Of course, no one other than myself. But won’t that sound narcissistic and self-centered? I don’t want to drink my own pride.

As I continued with my lessons, still offering the drink I prepared, the pitcher started to tremble and lose its spell. I heaved, dry and filled with air, but I did this without the persons in side the room. It was as if an imaginary sci-fi character stormed into the room and killed the blazing glory my mind had carried. It was all gone, more than dusts that got caught in the wind.

Then here came the second case. The Almighty asked me for an equivalent of a word, trying to sound curious, but the snide was a well-meant, hidden agenda. He didn’t want the equal sign to be about gender, but personality. How could you deliver such if the only word breathing at this very moment lies on the matters of sex? I delivered. I gave. It turned into a series of topics until two sides produced fire. I had to be the one to douse the flames with my own iced tongue.

He meant well, or at least my rational side tried to reason this with me. I so hope or else my respect will be reduced into brown, crispy leaves, stomped down until pulverized. The word “disappointment” won’t be enough to describe the swirl of emotion I feel. But it’s for the best. It’s not a burden, but an awakening. There will still be dark days where the only person I can rely on will be myself. In those days, I know I need to do my best to come out survived, even if broken and bruised.

I don’t like how the day has turned out, but I am grateful for it. After all, the experience is a learning tool for good days.


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tomorrow the phoenix will rise.

of Flo Maderebner

The wisdom of your heart never wavers, not even once. It might have been shaken through the tremors of their shortcomings, but it stood still not because it knew it could do it. It was for you. You are the guardian of your own palace. You are the philosopher of your own city. You are the keeper of your own gates. You are your own government.

Your hands might want to share the power you have to the greed of the onlookers, but do not fall for their spell for they will only consume what will be an advantage to them and leave you in your skeleton. The winds call your name to strengthen your spirit for paradise knows you have a resting will in your veins you need to awaken. The nausea of your mind spirals out of control, but this is not negligence. This is your wake up call to sail the blue sea with no one in your ship.

Do not raise your heart out in the open for now, dear, but keep it in your pocket and foster it with your unconditional love. You might have fallen, but it is now time to see the visions of future from crystal eyes. The evenfall will bid its farewell and no longer will the branches of the dead, winter trees be fingers crawling around your neck to suffocate you. You will saturate all with your undying faith because your hope is blazing and it is calling the stars to gleam with it.

I will not ask you to muster the remaining courage you have to face the harsh figures and features of this unfair universe because we both know it has never been depleted, no. Your valor will continuously see the morning with neither remorse nor regret, and serenity it will bring to you. We both know the fierceness of a warrior lives perpetually, but I hope you know you have always stood up from a fall.

Your breaths tremble, dear, but let it out through your time. Take it slow and exhaust those tears until tonight because tomorrow you will glide through the open horizon with red feathers. The fires will surround you for your soul will reach its catharsis. And everyone who did you wrong will see you up high.


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as if someone dragged a blade into my skin.

from Raw Pixel of Pexels

The worry I carry flows without shame. It suffocates the fragile neck I wear, but I do not ask for help. The carbonation dances in my lungs even when I try to suppress it with a collected tone of my already rough voice. The spirit of my soda bones wants to burst with rage and a dash of madness, but I cannot find a reason why other than a miniature childlike tantrum. Can it still be considered an excuse?

I bite my fingernails until I see a river of blood pouring out of my torn skin. I didn’t do it, but who am I to make you believe it’s a lie? I fear worry for its teeth are sharp and my insides, based on science, are gullible and malleable. The teeth will not bite what is left in me, but tear it into pieces. But the teeth do not forgive, do they? They just work without brains, chewing their path in a reckless manner. They are not delusional, but might experience hallucinations. And I cannot question them why.

How do we solve worry again? If science worked, it would skip theories and established laws already. But even the scientists and mathematicians fail to find the formula without testing it. What should I expect then?

I sleep well at night, if you want to ask. My eyes are tired so they remain open until they dry. Even then, they just stare at the ceiling, talking with the teeth.


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the kaleidoscopes reflect the rivers of longing, sorrow, and hope in the stream of a new beginning.

of Rakicevic Nenad

On my way home earlier, I was waiting for the bus to come in the midst of the vacant road. The crisp frost of the evening bit my skin, but I waited until the screen showed that the bus was about to arrive. When it did, it passed by me without stopping, leaving me stranded in the middle of the early night after waiting for 14 minutes under the cold embrace of the winter wind.

I fumed. No, I was beyond the state of rage. I threw strings of curses at the driver and told myself I had just won a fake argument. I curled my fists, unable to control the seethe leaking in my veins, and let out a short shout of frustration. I held back for a moment. I realized how the anger glued me in my position and did not allow me to do anything. I exhaled a suppressed-madness breath and walked to the metro station.

While I was walking, a thought blossomed in my mind. The patience died in my blood. I wanted to believe that I killed it, and perhaps I truly did, but there were pungent poison drops that drowned it until it dried and scraped itself. Or it might have been resurrected in a renewed transfiguration, I thought. My patience underwent a surgery and now poses itself as a formidable steel to bend. I smile. Throughout the former hours, the theme on misconceptions has reflected my year and has spoken volumes louder than any hymns and tones. From this vision, I picked up spectrums of thorns and pleasures I have had this year as I linger to welcome a new series of days and nights.

I recount the persons I have loved and looked at as a reflection of self. I embroidered my faith on them, dismissing my foolishness to rely on them for my supply of happiness. As we traversed the life’s tunnel, I noticed the lack of oxygen refill in my tank as they kept draining mine without reciprocating. For months, I continued further until recognition of the detrimental situation knocked me down alive. I cut the ties I had with them and breathing became a little bit easier.

I resurfaced and thought I was in a better health, but I became lonely and alone. I turned into a quiet, independent being with a huge surge of desire for company. Where could I find the right one? I had no idea. Between the glory mornings and restless nights, I tended to myself. I pushed away possible relationships for the fear of violations of trust, but I longed for their conversations and inclusions of my fragile heart. I called out and told myself, “bring your mind to a ripe age.” And this mission I did my best to succeed.

I nurtured myself and fostered what I could reap in the future. I marketed myself to the ages far beyond my range to induce and provoke maturity in experience, personality and life of self. I skipped the humor in the young years and invested my time growing with the right balance between sarcasm, insinuation and dashes of funny bones. I deviated from the usual, comical scene of the young adult timeline, but kept my touch in its roots. It was the perfect time to focus on myself and be selfish after years of selflessness. It was time to admire what I could do for myself.

I have had tons of disappointments and ground crashes this year than the previous years. The tilt of the universe damaged the orbs of positivity I had had, but it did not turn into ashes rather a monument. It is not that I am less pleased than usual, but I have a keen sense of contentment and the jubilant energy that I have now has reached its prime of life rather than its ecstasy. I have a new definition of my own happiness and though it is not what it used to, it broke the barriers to let me have my spine of bright lights.

I finished 2018 with a dragon’s breath and a lion’s amulet. I was challenged, but I conquered all. The fruits of my seeds were brought by the patience, virtue, and faith that I shaped into a strong force. I will carry them with me this new year.

To say that I am grateful for all the rights, honors, and privileges I have had is beyond the ordinary expression of a human’s tongue. I have taken fresh ventures for my career and life in general, and I know the road will have barbs and spikes, but my armor and gauntlet are ready. I am prepared for yet another sequences of shortcomings and rises.

I am enthusiastic for what the new year has in store for my optimistic spirit. The blossom phases will once again rocket.


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my hopes falter as the lilac smokes twist the bones of my lungs but euphoria visits and i think we will be fine.

of Vlad Bagacian

I thought I could only imagine the odd frequency between two bodies and how the uncertainty flowed under the covers of thin skins as electric currents. But I failed myself when I experimented on its factual assessment through a planned meeting sans any sheds of expectations. I stood on the hard, cold ground as I searched for your foreign face in the sea of more unfamiliar gazes. Since you had a pair of focused lens in your eyes, you walked to my lost figure and named yourself. I flashed a huge grin, a genuine bliss in a powerhouse memory, but a splash of doubt crashed on your face. I did not know how to pursue further.

I clasped the neck of a light conversation to water down the tension we built, but it met its fate of no success. Thus, I continued to appear interested when I wanted to hide under the white sheets of the winter’s embrace. No, dear, I would not blame you for the tight string we laced between us, but perhaps it would be better if you could own a slice of it as yours. Drenched in the frost of the afternoon’s tears, we drank juices and coffees while we talked about the mundane dilemmas of ourselves: your distrust towards a Queen country in Europe and my romantic and lustful affair with your city. In a graceful manner, we found solidarity. In a quiet descent, we collapsed on a common ground.

The static haze of yellow lights blessed us with morality and renewed vigor. The supposed lack of appeal of a modest series of talks formed into a burning star, blinking hard in the universe. I began to see a union of hope in my heart and a reshaped perspective on features of you. I noticed, out of the blue, how the strained smile of yours was just a natural image I wanted to keep.

There was a flick of unforeseen surprise from my eyes when your mouth moved and sculpted the words, “we should meet again.” The wonders of the world brought their innocence to me that I thawed from a solid marble to a puddle of melted clay, all due to the waves of your confident words. Should I stutter? Should I speak clearly? My ideas were burned until my mind turned blank. But in the end my head nodded.

You asked me if I would mind a short walk to shake the sleeping veins of our bodies and I responded with a determined “no”, forgetting about the zero degree Celsius outside the establishment. But as a slave of the lascivious period, I donned my long coat and blue scarf, and walked with you to greet the November night outside.

As our two pairs of feet found their sync, our heads were bowed in a solemn mood. How funny it must have looked! Once we reached a parking spot, you turned to me and tried to break a small farewell. I grinned at your timid attempt; perhaps I would have done it in such manner too. I spearheaded the goodbye with a message you threw at me earlier: “we should meet again.”

The qualms closed their eyes as they swam to their beds. My heart soared to my throat until my lungs pumped blocks of delirious oxygen. My hopeful eyes stared at your earnest ones. “We should,” you said. And the cosmos cried out of happiness.


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those we meet today might be ghosts. they might not come back, not even once.

of Creative Vix

Have you ever felt the crawl of deception into your skin? There. Right there under the crest of your breast. Place your two fingers on that area and feel the burn of your heart. No, not your skin. It has been stripped since you let the chaos reigned in your soul. You need not to prepare for a small goodbye. The fountain of tears you let to flow will no longer return. I want you to savor the pain as much as you can. You will neither feel it again, nor the electric bliss.

I opened the windows of my warm heart to the famished crowd, tearing it into pieces to lend to each dying spirit. Nobody returned to me what I had nurtured for the being. I sat on the chair made out of my fragile sensitivity to watch the calm sea rocked its fluid daughter. The peace, the solitude and the beauty enthralled the remnants of my bones. I cried all night long.

Before I went to sleep, I lit a red candle and watched its wax turn from solid to thick liquid then back to its former appearance. It did not multiply or divide, but a fixture of an equal amount. It magnified on the bedside table, but if formed into a hollow stick, regardless of perfectionism and style, the same picture would rise. The yearning aggravated and gravitated towards the hope that a mirror would reflect the sight into my body. Yet who was this outspoken and vulgar presence to have the audacity to wish?

Of course, I slept with anguish. Which right must I have to order justice for my forgotten presence? Or rather which person must I bend to for my woes? This holy presence stood in solidarity with nobody’s fingers and love. How must it learn to lock the gates of its lungs to the laughters and free minds of the other souls? By experience recalled its magic.

Night after night, the broken landfill of the mind rose into a forest of thick and tall trees with their leaves, so green and abundant, that brought nothing but its faith in wisdom. The disappointment drank the fuel and burned itself until it turned to dust and the wind carried it back to the desert. The longing spoke no longer.

The wounds of the katana will remain on your worn-out skin, but wear them well and with pride for you survived the revolution. The remoteness restructures itself as a belief of independence where the cities gleam with true string lights and without blue. The winter will come again, but the fire of your sanctuary, now revived once more, will only provide heat to self. The pride blooms with contentment. You are home now.

A million gratitude flies to the homeless souls you met before. Now we soar to the limitless sky and never wait for the growth they lose.


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i am neither a scientist nor a mathematician, but probably a little logic runs in my mind.

of Greyson Joralemon

The train is here. I have zipped all my bags; their vibrations reverberated on my skin. I did not bring any of my clothes. I left them in the apartment. I will find another job, far from this city, and the first money I will earn will be for my clothes. I will search for a cheap apartment in the next place. Probably in the first year, I will have to share the fees with someone. All I hope is to meet someone kind and nice enough to share an apartment with me. These plans make me stable and stay in control.

I thought I would cry when it happened. The first words were sure to induce pain. I bore with them all and held my stance. There was confusion, but not anything more than that. You sat on the couch with your arms on your knees. You sighed again. Would you have wanted me to hold your hand as you weighed over your decision? Or would you have preferred that I stayed in my disposition?

I crossed my arms and looked at your distressed figure. You must have had thought about this during your spare time before you acted. Your bent figure showed the relief. I couldn’t help, but smile a little. I dropped the grin when your eyes shot towards my direction. You asked me if I thought you were a humorous fellow to laugh at. I answered that I had never thought of you this way, but I knew you always danced in the sun.

You hated the coldness in me. You despised that I did not have the ordinary reaction of someone who was in a relationship. You longed for someone who could feel the same way you did; someone who was in the same velocity as you did. You told me how you wanted me to match the rhythm you had so we could flow in the same river. You hoped I could take some sacrifices to align my stars next to yours.

But I was restless and stubborn. I did not believe in the obligations of relationships. I did not raise myself to listen to the orders of others and restrict myself from the freedom I craved. I did not become the person anyone could mold to their liking. I did not choose to have you, after all your attempts, for you to let me know how you refused the accept whoever I was at the end. I did this out of my desire and choice. I was nobody’s person.

You told me how analytical my actions were as if I was a calculating villain in your hypocrite world. I told you I did not need you, but you had insisted to invade my personal affairs with life, God and nature. And I had allowed you to do so. You needed me when you did not have to. You had yourself to rely on.

I asked you if you were done with your lamentations. You curled your fingers and asked me if did I ever love you. I told you I would pack my bags and leave.

The doors of the train open. The sky is gray and the rain will soon fall. The passengers descend from the train–some men and women in uniform cry as they see their families. Nobody takes a step to go inside the train in this hour. I walk to the open doors and set my feet in the cabin. It is time to go.


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i feel comfortable. i feel uncomfortable. i do not feel the same.

of Ruvim Noga

It crawls under my skin like a familiar blood in veins. It drinks the vigor that lives in my body and tells my mind about how lying works. I snatch the bundle of papers I set aside earlier this week and notice the same underlined words. The progress stops at the last sentence of the first paragraph on the second page of the 25-page reviewer. The final exam looms until it shows itself this week. It is Sunday today and I do not have anything on my mind, but excuses. Perhaps I will fail this exam.

The words clutter themselves as I try to digest their comprehensive connotations. The basic idea I have learned so far is how the quantity demanded falls as the price of a good rises. Or how it rises if the price falls. I am quite sure I have read the right material for this topic. I am confident I have written the correct idea. But after the first page, I flip and see a new set of topics to learn aside from what I have studied. I suddenly think of the fiction books I was bound to finish. I put aside the Economics papers and pick up the fiction book.

The story talks about the serenity of an affair, far from the world, financial and economic crisis and their foundation. I flick the pages with ease and excitement, trying to find my way at the end of the story. After a few hours, I finish it. It was not as satisfying as I thought it would be, but it quenched the thirst I had for reading. I stretch my body and the bundle of papers beside the book catches my attention. They look at me again to remind me of my exam.

Sometimes, I ask myself if I am in my right disposition. Since it does not make me feel gratified at all, I am sure I am on the wrong planet. But why do I still continue? Perhaps to prove myself I can mold myself into anyone for anything, or to tell myself it is what the world wants unlike the realm I create in my head.

It feels restricting and suffocating, but somehow there is a sense of warmth that seems indescribable. I read all the numbers in written form and their accompanying explanations, and I can sense a wide smile on my lips as I grasp the thought. Though the strong pull of the manifested realms I have tried to shelve breaks the barrier and whispers into my ear, “why do you paint yourself in a presidential coat and tie when your body rests in plain white shirt splashed in technicolor?”

I run where the water flows. I become the obligation my passion despises. The choices I have made embrace my stiff body as the fireworks in my heart mock my actions. No longer the old picture, I feel comfortable. I feel uncomfortable. I do not feel the same.

I pick up the Economics papers and read the second page. I grab my red colored pencil from its case. I highlight the essential ideas I should understand. I do not understand them, but I know I should. At least, I had better try.


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the forgotten story about the old roses in the tub of water and blood.

of Janko Ferlič

He would meet with her again. She had called him earlier about her recent relapse. She had told him over the phone about the dark stars in her eyes. He had not rushed as he had taken a taxi to her place. He had spent the minutes in peace.

She was not crying, but she was telling stories. After the dark stars, she started to tell him about the roses he had given and she had kept. Her lips were moving with grace as she reminded him of the night he had given those roses to her. “Your hopelessness can’t keep up with mine so you fell apart first before I did,” she chuckled. He did too, but with a hint of pain.

The midnight came close as the driver travelled the lonesome road. The neon lights of the shops flashed as he passed each. The bright, painful colors intoxicated him with pleasure. “I think I’m close to your place,” he said.

“You’ve forgotten about it,” she whispered.

“Of course, I did. It has already been a year.”

“Did you miss this voice?” she said.

He told the taxi driver to stop. He paid him before he got off. He looked at the old building in front of him. The window on the fifth floor had a lit light. “You’re still on the fifth?”

“You’ve forgotten about it,” she whispered.

“Of course.” He fished out the backup key he kept and opened the gate. He opened her apartment door and found a pristine room. As if she did not live here at all. He called her name and she answered from the bathroom. He found her naked in the tub, swimming in water and blood. He face had gone pale from the blood loss. “You came,” she said.

“Of course.”

He stripped naked and sat on the floor, beside the tub. He looked at her and noticed the exhaustion in her eyes. She leaned on the rim of the tub, her gaze unwavering. He touched her hand, but she pulled away. She thrummed her fingers on his wrist. It was a gratifying sensation to feel his pulse on her cold skin.

His eyes went to the wrists she cut. He did not touch the open wounds, but let the blood flow out of the slit. “What were you telling me earlier?” He asked.

“Oh, that…” she paused. “Did you bring any roses?”

He shook his head. Her sad smile pained his heart. “I wish you did.” She laid her head on the rim of the tub and closed her eyes. He took her hand and this time, she did not pull away. He kissed its palm and placed it on his cheek. He positioned himself close to her lips, almost touching, and closed his eyes.


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to “this friend” i lost, i hope to see you again.

of Lee Scott

It is a somber Sunday. The air feels heavy and dark, and the skies cry. As I sit on the bed, I recount all the words I have told someone before. I had this friend I treated as sibling. I will call this person as “this friend” in this post to refrain the mention of the gender. I think it must be kept as a secret.

This friend and I had a keen relationship. We talked about both light and burdensome issues. I looked at this friend as a figure to follow. I loved this friend’s opinionated nature and strong sense of will. These two characteristics almost always stood out and they became the reason why I felt an intense connection in a pure platonic manner. I knew I would always cherish this friend.

Perhaps I did this friend wrong for we lost connection. I was left in a clueless forest without clues to cue me in. I was searching for reasons why the gap between us widened or why did we stop talking at all. It was a forgotten relationship, buried in the past. And to tell you I hurt is an understatement. It is not a sense of betrayal, but perhaps more than that. It is a painting with mixtures of unidentified colors and a big hole at the middle of the canvas.

As I look at the sky outside my bedroom, I could not help, but miss this friend. I miss almost everything about this friend. I wish we could talk again, tell each other about the new concepts we have in our minds or the new paths we have taken. I wish I could ask this friend for a strong advice again; to somewhat assure me about my actions. But I could not do it any longer. Our lines are disconnected and I could only think of this friend in my memory.

I thought what I had with this friend is a sibling relationship. Perhaps I thought wrong; perhaps I thought wildly, leaving behind my rational mind. I suppose I failed this friend in some sense. Perhaps it did not work the way we wanted it.

I do not wish this friend any harm, but good graces instead. I can imagine how content this friend is through the secondhand information I receive from my close colleagues. I am grateful for this friend’s new journey in life without my presence. This friend of mine, I know, deserves only the best possible happiness and life.

To “this friend”: perhaps you will not know this is about you, my friend. But just in case you feel it, I am grateful to have met you and have created those long-lasting memories with you. I would not sacrifice anything for those times. At last, my friend, we could be free again. If I ever see you in the future, I hope we can talk about the present while we drink beers or cups of teas.

But let us not start from the bottom or pick up where we left off. It will just make me want to have our past relationship again.


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by dusk later.

of Gift Habeshaw

If the trees move their fingers with the hymn of the winds, could you stay to watch it? Could you lock your eyes in the heart of the dying tree and tell this mighty entity that “you have been loved without regrets”? The water in the lake creeps up to my lungs and it fills my mouth with sorrow. I can only hope for your actions without any promises; I can only wait. But the dusk will come soon and I will, by then, no longer have the time to speak to you. I am familiar with the anger you host in your heart and I know how my apology will only fall apart before it reaches your ear. I am no foreign in the dark country you live in your head, but I want to share a lamp inside your veins even if you do not let me. If you could only allow me to light a candle in your soul before I leave, then I could sleep in peace. If you would only let me run my dry fingers on your skin, then I would not lose my way to the gates of the blue skies. I wish you would forget about the fire I set and rest beside me. Just before the sunset tonight. And then tomorrow, do not worry, I will leave you be.


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martini glasses.

of Jon Tyson

The martini glasses fall apart when the wet skins of our bodies touch. My lungs hyperventilate and it shakes the core of my insides. I gasp and your cold, gray eyes look at me. The heated, stubborn gaze replaces the unfaltering kindness earlier. The midnight clock hums forgiveness for not keeping an eye on my curfew. Outside the dark bar, from the windows across your seat, I see the stars bleed pleasure. They whisper into my ears to relish the lust of the night, for tomorrow I can always forget how to breathe. But the stars lack the bond I seek. And in the corner of the universe, I hear the moon cries. Its soft, pleading voice sifts through my mind to tell me to rethink the eagerness. A shock reverberates my veins ad your curls your fingers around my wrist. I gulp the intuition of the false ambiance, but it sticks at the room of my throat. You rub your thumb against my wrist and grin. I can always pretend this is just another irrational drive. But do I ever listen?


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ten seconds.

of David Zawila

one, two, three.
do you hear it?
that sound.
the clock keeps counting
when the heart stops breathing.
and it could only find a way
to you.

four, five, six.
do you even hear it?
that horrible thunder.
the voice of my rough throat
keeps singing your name
when your lips stop speaking.
and it could only build a home
with you.

seven, eight, nine
do you listen to it?
that far, unknown tone.
the foreign hands
keeps searching for your body
when someone else already
lies beside it.
and they could only cry
for you.

what now?
can you try to at least listen to it?
before it dies
now that it flickers;
before it leaves
now that it starts to sleep.

what now?
should we forget?
if only there is a way.
can you try to at least listen?
to me.
hear me out.
just for ten seconds.

hear me out.


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hot summer nights.

of Diego PH

The hot summer nights wake up. They leave you thirsty for the lust you have not yet tasted before. They produce summer bodies for your tongues and lies, and they do not know any remorse or faith. The hot summer nights thaw the frost of your lungs as the fingers of the strangers crawl on your wet skin. The turns and falls of your abdominal senses reach its peak and all you can do is moan, to the rare pleasure that only exists if you will not remember them at all. These hungry hands and skins devour you to your sugary death. You know nothing about religion, but your will speaks to you about the sacrifice you must make to earn the luscious wreck of the heat. For every graze you feel is an amount of indulgence no words can paint. The hot summer nights ask you to cave in, but there is a hesitation in your wild eyes. Not any longer, do not worry, once you taste the cherry syrup of the genderless body. Tomorrow, you can always leave, but without amnesia of your sins.


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