Money (Daily Prompt)

“You walk into your home to find a couple you don’t know sitting in your living room, eating a slice of cake. Tell us what happens next.” – Daily Prompt

I closed the front door. My body was aching from work. I put my car keys on the table near the door and walked into the living room. I suddenly stopped. A sweet-looking, middle-aged couple was sitting there, eating a slice of cake.

“Excuse me, how did you get in here? Who are you?” My insides were panicking, but I didn’t show it.

The woman stood up. “I’m your Aunt Sylvia and this is your Uncle Mark. I’m your mother’s sister. She let us in.”

“Oh. Where’s Mom?” I asked, finally relieved. She smiled. “She’s in the kitchen.” I went straight to the kitchen. My eyes went wide.

Our once white-tiled kitchen floors were now colored with red. A body was lying at an odd angle at the center, with a knife stuck in her chest. My mom, with blood pouring out from her chest. I was about to call for help when a hand snatched my phone and bumped my head on the counter. Dizziness came into me.

Someone grabbed my hands behind me. I opened my eyes. Aunt Sylvia was standing in front of me, smiling sadly. “We just want the money, dear. But your selfish mother won’t give it. You know, she even threatened me that she’d tell the police we were the ones who killed our mother,” she gasped. “How irresponsible, right?” I swallowed hard. I remember that last year my grandmother was killed and no one knew who did it and why, but the answer was clearly in front of me now.

I budge from Uncle Mark’s hold, but he just tightened it. “You know, I heard where your mother is keeping your money and I have things to do today, so, I’ll just finish this, okay?” She smiled and pulled out a gun with an attached silencer.

Before I could yell “no”, a pain shot through my head down to my toes before everything in my vision went black.



8 thoughts on “Money (Daily Prompt)

  1. Wow! That started nicely and as it moved it became so thrilling. Well written holding readers’ attention till the end. Check out an international story contest-
    There is no entry fee and the winner gets $100. So just sign up, upload and get started!


      1. Glad to know that Matthew. Sign up and get started now. You can upload any of your previous works.


      2. Hey Matthew, I saw your story up on Tallenge and voted too for it 🙂 this is the link of your Tallenge story entry- Share it around for more votes and you can refer here for some tips-


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