Orpheus (Daily Prompt)



You are a gift from the heart, born 23rd of March. You love fiercely and you do not give up someone easily. You are willing to take the pains and the gashes as long as you are with who you love the most. You are a poet of pictures and words; you send presents through powerful thoughts hidden in words. You are a martyr and a devotee. Your love is perpetual and the one you will have and have you back will be the gold among the mud. Though you are suspicious and selfish in your strong point. You want that love all by yourself. And no matter how powerful and fierce your love is, it will be the one that will bring blood to your knees.


13 thoughts on “Orpheus (Daily Prompt)

    1. Hi Jillian (checked your page for your name)! Thank you very much for the wonderful words! I am going to look forward to your posts, as well. It is nice to meet Filipino bloggers here in WordPress. πŸ™‚ God Bless you!


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