Afternoon Sea (A Flash Fiction)

His wedding ring shone brightly through the afternoon’s sun. I stared at it and I found it smiling at me. Rings like that should be buried underground.

I loved the embrace of the sands between my toes. My feet sank into it, as if I was not drowning already. He was standing next to me, witnessing the beauty of darkness ahead—the dark orange horizon being swamped by the night.

The giddiness of the sea reflected its excitement—the pull of the moon was finally coming. It was so beautiful—the sea. Every morning, it danced around its limited space; enjoying the minutes passing even without doing anything. When afternoons hit, it would take a nap; the calmness gave soothing sensations to those who witness it sleep. Then, when the night begins, it would rise above the orthodox; opening its quiet waves to those who needed it.

Though underneath the sea was the universe nobody would want to shake. The currents boiling below could surface, anytime. Nobody wanted to pull the tight strings of the sea; no one desired an avalanche of water. The sea could cause thunders in sweet dreams.

The sea could keep its cool, but could show its rage—and that was its problem; undecided and confused at times.

“Whenever I go here, I feel the longing I want, but I keep waiting for the desire I will be longed by.” I told him, breaking the silence of the quiet afternoon.

I heard him sigh. “I came here for a goodbye.”

“I know.” I looked at my hands—the skins were empty with a wedding ring.

“You’ve always been a sea, you know. And things like that are hard to forget.” His voice was wistful.

I did not get what I wanted to have with him, but that did not mean I had to close myself to him. “And you’ll always be the sunset near the sea.”


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