my hopes falter as the lilac smokes twist the bones of my lungs but euphoria visits and i think we will be fine.

of Vlad Bagacian

I thought I could only imagine the odd frequency between two bodies and how the uncertainty flowed under the covers of thin skins as electric currents. But I failed myself when I experimented on its factual assessment through a planned meeting sans any sheds of expectations. I stood on the hard, cold ground as I searched for your foreign face in the sea of more unfamiliar gazes. Since you had a pair of focused lens in your eyes, you walked to my lost figure and named yourself. I flashed a huge grin, a genuine bliss in a powerhouse memory, but a splash of doubt crashed on your face. I did not know how to pursue further.

I clasped the neck of a light conversation to water down the tension we built, but it met its fate of no success. Thus, I continued to appear interested when I wanted to hide under the white sheets of the winter’s embrace. No, dear, I would not blame you for the tight string we laced between us, but perhaps it would be better if you could own a slice of it as yours. Drenched in the frost of the afternoon’s tears, we drank juices and coffees while we talked about the mundane dilemmas of ourselves: your distrust towards a Queen country in Europe and my romantic and lustful affair with your city. In a graceful manner, we found solidarity. In a quiet descent, we collapsed on a common ground.

The static haze of yellow lights blessed us with morality and renewed vigor. The supposed lack of appeal of a modest series of talks formed into a burning star, blinking hard in the universe. I began to see a union of hope in my heart and a reshaped perspective on features of you. I noticed, out of the blue, how the strained smile of yours was just a natural image I wanted to keep.

There was a flick of unforeseen surprise from my eyes when your mouth moved and sculpted the words, “we should meet again.” The wonders of the world brought their innocence to me that I thawed from a solid marble to a puddle of melted clay, all due to the waves of your confident words. Should I stutter? Should I speak clearly? My ideas were burned until my mind turned blank. But in the end my head nodded.

You asked me if I would mind a short walk to shake the sleeping veins of our bodies and I responded with a determined “no”, forgetting about the zero degree Celsius outside the establishment. But as a slave of the lascivious period, I donned my long coat and blue scarf, and walked with you to greet the November night outside.

As our two pairs of feet found their sync, our heads were bowed in a solemn mood. How funny it must have looked! Once we reached a parking spot, you turned to me and tried to break a small farewell. I grinned at your timid attempt; perhaps I would have done it in such manner too. I spearheaded the goodbye with a message you threw at me earlier: “we should meet again.”

The qualms closed their eyes as they swam to their beds. My heart soared to my throat until my lungs pumped blocks of delirious oxygen. My hopeful eyes stared at your earnest ones. “We should,” you said. And the cosmos cried out of happiness.


Thank you for reading this story. If you want to talk about random things with me, do not hesitate to reach me through my “Contact” page. All the best love, my dear.


let me hold your words before you leave;

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